IRead Quiz Competition Registration

27-Jan-2022 Starting Date
10,000 NGN Registration Fee
Pry3 - SSS3 Eligibility


IRead is a ten weeks long multiple subjects, assembly ground based open quiz competition for primary & secondary school students. This competition is designed to encourage reading habits among students by “competitively” motivating them to read their lesson notes week in and week out.

It comprises of two phases - the Intra School Phase - from where the emerged winner will represent the school in the quiz Grand Finale Edition which will involve all the winners across all the participating schools. The Grand Finale winners stand a chance of winning cash prizes, consolation prizes as well as computer set for the the school.

Our Goals

Our goal, as far as this program is concerned is simple: “spice up” teaching & learning activities among students and teachers of primary & secondary schools by:

Encouraging reading habit among students:

:by competitively motivating them to read their lesson notes week in and week out.

Motivating teachers to put in more efforts in their teachings:

since teachers can’t control which question will be asked. And of course, no teacher will be happy seeing his/her students answering questions about his/her subjects wrongly on the assembly ground.

How IRead Works


Random Subject Generation & Material Upload

Thursdays: A random page from each of the lesson notes of the randomly generated subjects across grades in the school will be snapped & uploaded by the School Iread Representative.


Upcoming Quiz Notification

Fridays: Students in each grade, respectively, will be notified on the assembly ground of the subjects that their upcoming quiz will be based upon.


Conduct Open Quiz

Mondays: Early morning, before assembly, question(s)/answer(s) annonymously generated from the uploaded subject pages will be sent as SMS message to the Iread Representative. On the assembly ground, Questions will be thrown open to students, according to their grades; and the score will be recorded for the first student(s) to answer them correctly within the stipulated time.


School Winner Edition & Grand Finale

On the 9th week, students with highest cummulative points will compete on the assembly ground. The winner of this edition shall represent the school in the Grand Finale Edition. Note: this edition shall be anchored by External Iread Rep. Grand Finale Edition: This Edition shall take place at Kebbi Innovation & Tech Hub where the school winners shall compete and Grand Winners will emerge.